How to be a volunteer?

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What should you know before apply

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Information about application process

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Spread awareness about volunteering

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How you could become an external partner

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Stimmen Unserer Unterstützer

Here are some quotes from our previous volunteers

The partnership with T4G was a turning point for us. Their innovative, sustainable approach has significantly strengthened our joint efforts and is leaving a deep mark on the community. Their passion and expertise make them an irreplaceable partner in our mission.

Sefa Boateng
CEO – Elecvtive Ghana

My time at T4G was characterized by personal and professional growth. The supportive atmosphere and commitment to the cause enabled me to make a meaningful contribution and develop myself at the same time. These experiences and the friendships made there are priceless.

Tim Wagner

Working as a volunteer at T4G has been immensely fulfilling. The sense of community and shared purpose is ever-present; every contribution makes a tangible difference. The organization not only changes the lives of those it helps, but also those of its volunteers.

Rebecca Trinkwald
Become a volunteer

Join us for a better life and beautiful future

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