Medical Placements

Ghana, a nation of breathtaking beauty and rich cultural heritage, boasts stunning landscapes and warm, hospitable inhabitants. Our organization is wholeheartedly committed to making a positive difference in the communities in which we work, and we take great pride in our contributions to Ghana.

Partnering with Elective Ghana for Medical Placements

Although we do not directly offer medical placements, we recognize the importance of providing those pursuing medical careers with the opportunity to acquire valuable experience in real-world settings. To this end, we collaborate with Elective Ghana, a reputable organization with an impressive history of arranging medical placements in the country.

With extensive experience in Ghana, Elective Ghana has forged solid relationships with local hospitals, clinics, and healthcare providers. They are well-equipped to guide volunteers in securing appropriate placements that align with their skills and interests.

We would like to stress that partnering with Elective Ghana is not a requirement for participating in our projects. However, we highly recommend it, as our close collaboration ensures that volunteers receive the necessary support and resources to thrive during their time in Ghana.

The Benefits of an Elective at Donkorkrom Hospital

Embarking on an elective at the Presbyterian Hospital Donkorkrom presents numerous advantages.

  • You will collaborate with seasoned healthcare professionals
  • develop practical skills and knowledge, and genuinely impact patients’ lives
  • immerse yourself in Ghanaian culture
  • gain insight into the challenges healthcare professionals face in developing countries.

Eligibility and Application Process for Medical Electives

To be eligible for an elective at Presbyterian Hospital Donkorkrom, you must be:

  • A medical student or professional with relevant qualifications and experience
  • Required documents include a letter of recommendation from a professor or supervisor
  • A copy of your CV, and a statement of purpose outlining your goals and objectives for the elective.

Travel Documents, Accommodation, and Support

Furthermore, you will need to secure the necessary travel documents, such as a visa, and arrange for transportation and lodging during your stay in Ghana. Our organization can facilitate these logistics, working closely with Elective Ghana to ensure that volunteers enjoy a safe and fulfilling experience.

The Impact and Rewards of Volunteering in Ghana

We firmly believe that volunteering in Ghana offers a rewarding experience, equipping individuals with valuable skills while positively impacting local communities. We invite anyone interested in volunteering in Ghana to consider collaborating with our organization or Elective Ghana. Together, we can make a tangible difference in the lives of those we serve.