Dental Outreach

Our dental outreach program is an initiative that was seamlessly linked to the existing medical outreach. The Presbyterian Hospital in Donkorkrom has a dental unit, but before our involvement it did not have sufficient dental materials for pain treatment (extractions/ fillings/ PA treatments). There is now a dentist working in the dental unit who has the necessary equipment. There is also a mobile treatment unit that can be used to provide treatment in remote locations in conjunction with medical outreach.

Target group

All residents of Afram plains, regardless of whether they have health insurance or not, can be examined and treated as part of the dental outreach program.

Treatment spectrum

Check-ups, filling therapies, extractions including osteotomies of displaced/retained wisdom teeth are possible in the outreach & dental unit. Only very extreme cases have to be referred to Kumasi or Accra. Of course, the prevention of tooth decay and periodontitis is also an essential component. To this end, toothpaste and toothbrushes are distributed to patients and schools as part of outreach, and tooth brushing techniques are explained.

Disease patterns

Caries is more widespread in Donkokrom and other towns than in small, even more remote villages, as they have less access to refined sugar.

In general, diseases of the tooth bed and the periodontium are a problem. Gingivitis and periodontitis manifest themselves as clinical pictures due to inadequate access to toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Deeply fractured teeth are the order of the day due to very hard food (e.g. bone).

Our goals

We want to ensure and improve the quality of treatment in the long term. To this end, we would like to purchase another mobile treatment unit. We have also developed a concept to be able to treat at least some teeth endodontically (root canal treatment). Furthermore, it would be desirable to replace missing teeth with simple prostheses, especially in aesthetically sensitive areas.

What can I do to support the dental project?

Supporting the practicing dentist in Donkorkrom transcends the mere provision of financial donations—it is vital. While our core dental team is unable to travel to Ghana annually to assist in person, it is crucial to sustain the local dentists’ efforts. We warmly encourage dental colleagues and students to participate on-site; we will gladly assist with the planning and logistics. Similarly, dental technicians who wish to understand the local conditions firsthand or contribute to prosthetic treatments are greatly welcomed. This hands-on involvement is essential for the ongoing success of our project and can make a profound difference in the community.