The Spartanburg Orphanage Donkorkrom

The orphanage in Donkorkrom currently houses ten children. Financing represents a significant challenge. Until a few years ago, the premises were in a deplorable state. The sanitary facilities were only partially functional, there was mold, and there were no fly screens or other basic equipment. Thanks to generous donations, we were able to renovate the orphanage. It has been transformed into a child-friendly place that now serves as a home for the children. Despite these positive changes, the ongoing costs remain a continual challenge. For this reason, we have launched the Orphanage Independence Project.

In the immediate vicinity of the orphanage, there is a guest house that was a ruin until recently. Here too, the renovation was successfully completed thanks to overwhelming donations. The newly designed guest house is now rented out to cover the ongoing costs of the orphanage. Additionally, the guest house offers the opportunity to promote developmental work and to facilitate the placement of volunteer work in the region.

We are particularly committed to ensuring the educational schooling of the children while also supporting their personal development. The orphanage also offers other children from the village the chance to engage in communal activities such as football games on the large square in front of the orphanage. Our goal is to ensure the medical care of the children and to provide the financial means for nutrition and other basic needs.

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